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What Is Crowdfunding And Why Do I Need To Know About It?

Walking 3-Legged Creatures Will Make You Fall In Love

NASA Telescope Breakthrough: Thunderstorms reveal antimatter existence

NASA has revealed that antimatter does actually exist in the large and undiscovered universe. Every second, there is an average of 1,800 thunderstorms occurring somewhere on the globe, and with the help of NASA Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope, scientists have discovered that these thunderstorms actually make antimatter. Find out...

Successful Rocket Launch Gives Humanity Front Row Seats To a Journey In Space

A group of space agencies launched a rocket in space, and while so doing, gave humanity spectacular front row seats to journeying, literally, out of t...

You Won't Believe Your Eyes: Check out the moves of Festo, the bouncy kangaroo robot

Festo, the German-based company, does research and development in the automation and pneumatic technology sectors. The company made Festo, the bionic ...

Mr. Pow the Smiling Charger Shows You the Battery Life of Your Smartphone

Samsung Launched Its Website Dedicated To Design and Innovation

Rich In Beauty And Grace: Sydney Time-lapse Video

Sydney, Australia, as one of the world's most famous and exceptional cities in the world, has lots to offer any visitor. This time-lapse video doesn't do the city's any justice in comparison to its true natural beauty, however its the closest you will get to the real thing. If you can't book your ticket just yet, this video will...

The Most Prominent Trends in Marketing

In 2014, business trends have turned towards focusing on appropriate, relevant and original content. People thrive on receiving information and news i...

World's Smallest 3D-Printing Pen Is Coming Soon

Sketching in air seems like a lot of fun, but soon it can be real. The London-based design company Lix has created the, literally, smallest 3D printin...

Inspirational Quote About Life - Tim Cook

A Pledge to Protect Smartphone Users: Tech giants are "all in"

Can You Imagine Game of Thrones As a Sitcom?

Filmmaker Garrison Dean took the popular Game of Thrones series to a whole new level, and turned it into a classic 70s sitcom. The result is so wicked you wouldn’t believe your eyes: faded film, piano music, an introduction to the Stark, Tyrell and Lannister families, and new supporting characters make this show a hit. Enjoy t...

Google Unable to Trademark "Glass"

Google is struggling to patent “Glass” for its uber-stylish computerized smartglasses. This tech giant already has “Google Glass” as a tradema...

Can A Robot Be Your Friend?

With recent breakthroughs in technology, the role of robots has changed. They have become more our friends than our helpers, or tools. At the Yale Soc...

What Is "Ghost," And Why Should You Find Out

10 Things You Didn't Know About Bitcoin

Experience Music Like Never Before: A drum light show by Ben Mead

As we are accustomed to hear music, this experiment, conducted by drummer Ben Mead has made it possible to see what music looks like. He calls it the art of drumming, and it most definitely is a beautiful show of the expression of sound.

Google Glass To Be Purchased On April 15

Americans – rejoice. In an effort to get its Glass eyewear closer to consumers, Google is expanding its Explorer programme. Even though the Google G...

Find Out How The Lightsaber Came To Be The Coolest Sci-Fi Weapon

Star Wars lovers – you're in for a treat. The lightsaber is probably the best prop used in sci-fi movies, and in this 15-minute documentary, Star Wa...

Are You In Tune With Your Body? If Not, Samsung's Gear Fit Will Help You Get There!

How To Prevent Slacking While Working At Home

Men Can Now Answer Their Phones With A Simple Beard Swipe

iStrategyLabs have truly revolutionized the way how we answer the phone. Their latest invention, the BeardSwipe, is a beard print recognition technology as an access point to your mobile phone. The phone uses a pattern-based algorithm that recognizes only the unique beard print to safely and conveniently open the phone.

Combine Your Food With The Right Supplements

According to the US Department of Health, we should be able to get adequate nutrition through following a well-balanced diet. That said, circumstances...

Official Game Of Thrones Maps

The excitement is rising as the air date for Game of Thrones, Season 4, draws near. Explore the secrets of the fascinating worlds of Westeros and Esso...

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