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Cute Robot Transforms Into a Samsung SD Card

Tips On How Not To Go Over Your Budget

Man Builds Bicycle Powered Elevator

This guy managed to build a bicycle powered elevator for his recently built tree house. Now that's thinking outside of the box!

What Do TED Speakers Experience Before Giving Their Talks: See in this funny musical

The TED Conference is the place where the world’s enthusiasts, intellectuals, and leaders, give the most inspiring talks to lift your spirits and to...

Facebook Reportedly Pushing Into Financial Services Sector

Seems like social networking is not enough: According to The Financial Times, Zuckerberg is making way for the biggest social platform to enter the fi...

Leonardo DiCaprio To Play Steve Jobs in the Upcoming Biopic

Quote About Social Media

Best-Selling Business Books You Can Benefit From

If you visit any major bookstore, you will find the business book section bursting at the seams with titles promising to make you rich and change your life.

See How Magnets Destroy Things...In Slow Motion

Check out this slow motion video to see just how strong magnets - which can break and smash, and basically destroy things - can be.

Google Launches Chrome Remote Desktop for Android

Managing your files when on the go has never been easier. Google has announced the Chrome Remote Desktop application for Android, allowing you to acce...

Chinese Manufacturer launches it's first ever phone the One Plus

The OnePlus One Smartphone Captivates With Design

Apple Goes Greener: Introduces 100% green facility

It is nothing new that Apple is going green, but now Apple is encouraging consumers to recycle any Apple product, free of charge. There is also the possibility of receiving an Apple gift card, as a thank you. Helping make the world a better place - it's in Apple's DNA!

What Happened To Good Old Lyrics?

Now I don’t want to be a whiner, but does it ever seem like the popular musicians of today just don’t really have the same poetic pizazz as the si...

Walking 3-Legged Creatures Will Make You Fall In Love

Imagine tiny toys running around on your desk... Fun, right? Well, it's a plausible idea that's been made real by the Dutch artist Theo Jansen. Reusin...

UBR-1 Robot On Sale in USA, Canada and Mexico

This Smart Doorbell Recognizes Faces and Monitors Your House

10 Truly Inspiring Pieces Of Advice On Life

If you think you've mastered the human condition, then good on you, but most of us need a boost from time to time. Here are ten pieces of advice from inspirational individuals. Hopefully at least one of them will provide you with some extra motivation.

Netherlands Introduces Glow-in-the-dark Roads

In what was originally supposed to be a 2012 product of Studio Roosegaarde's design, glow-in-the-dark road markings are finally being drawn on a secti...

Men Can Now Answer Their Phones With A Simple Beard Swipe

iStrategyLabs have truly revolutionized the way how we answer the phone. Their latest invention, the BeardSwipe, is a beard print recognition technolo...

Apple Goes Greener: Introduces 100% green facility

Why Saying "No" Matters

Color changing marker that indicates the drink's heat

This marker from 'Ink N Drink' has color changing ink on coffee and tea cups to indicate when a drink is cooling down.

NASA Telescope Breakthrough: Thunderstorms reveal antimatter existence

NASA has revealed that antimatter does actually exist in the large and undiscovered universe. Every second, there is an average of 1,800 thunderstorms...

5 Best Forums for Young Entrepreneurs

Fair trade and free markets run on collaboration. The cooperative efforts of independent businessmen drive the modern online economy. Online forums ha...

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